Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Using Collabortive Tools

Collaborative tools, in the sense of technology is still a new concept to me here at UNI. In high school the only way I collaborated with other students was face to face during class, or possibly texting or Facebook messaging them outside of class. Unless you had a plan to meet with group members outside of class it was very hard to collaborate with them. Here at UNI I have learned a few new ways, using technology, to effectively collaborate with my group members. first off there are lots of online tools and sites that allow online collaborations, but the two I have been working with here at UNI are Google Docs, Forms, Presentation and Wikispaces. All of these effectively let group members work on the same document on different computers. This allows collaboration for the group so each can add at different time while not even getting together outside of class. After being introduced to it I have used Google Docs for different classes for papers and projects where all the group members could contribute on their own time. This worked great so I will definitely be using Google docs much more in the future. The newest collaboration tool to me is a Wiki site. This is were multiple people can work together on not just a single Google Doc, but a whole site where there can be as many pages of information as you want. I have not had the most experience with a Wiki site, but my class now is using one that is slowly being worked on and added too. It is an easy way to keep different projects from class on different pages were every group in the class can post their links. What I have done with these different tools is only the begging of what they can be used for, I also know there are many more tools out there that can be beneficial in the area of collaborating. I now just have to find them.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Introduction Presentation Experience

I enjoyed the process and the outcome of my puppet show presentation rob and I put together. The process was long, however it all came together quite nicely, letting our class get to know us just a little bit before starting the semester with them. Our puppet show included two paper puppets with our printed faces on them. When our presentation was finally complete and ready for class, I was a bit concerned with how our audience would take our puppet presentation. In the end it went wonderful and I do believe the class enjoyed watching it. With my response to the puppet show of critiquing it I used a site called were I would type and a virtual figure would speak what I typed. I also added actions to the virtual figure to make it more entertaining. To someone watching this critique they might think it did not take so long to do, typing what you want to say and adding actions. But in fact this took longer than even I expected. I had to find the right actions to use and place them in the right spot so they would match certain words. Overall I am very pleased with both video outcomes. You can watch both of them below.

When watching the classes presentations I was amazed at all the different ways each person/group put there presentation together. Each one was unique and very interesting to watch. Like most classes, you want to doze off during presentation time, but I was very alert and interested in how the class put together theirs. It really showed how many different ways you can put together a presentation. It does  not always have to be boring!

The embedded video above is my puppet presentation I created with my partner Rob, and the link below is my xtranormal critique virtual video.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Expectations for CCA

List for semester: Fun, entertaining, interesting, welcoming, challenging, exciting, enjoyable, knowledgeable.

This semester I would expect to learn a lot, for my mind to be stretched, but not to the point that it hurts. I want to learn new things and ways to use technology for learning, as well as finding my own ways to use it. My main focus is to try to build the tools through this class so that in the future I will have the ability to do it in my own classroom. I like technology, but only can handle so much so I want to find the different pieces that work best for me and hopefully in my future. Overall I want to enjoy being in this class and mentally check off the above list.  So far I am enjoying this class and am very excited about the projects as well as everything in between.