Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Creating Your Group PBL Learning Lesson

    This PBL learning lesson is the last of the semester for the Middle JAAR and we are still in the middle of putting it all together. We were lucky not to go first and let other groups test the waters and see how theirs went. I feel we now have a grounded idea of what is necessary to pull this project off. At first the group was coming up short with ideas and we were hitting dead ends left and right. Then we got on the topic of veterans and one of our members brought up the topic that many veterans are homeless. This hit home for our group and we took off in search for finding what we can teach our class about homeless veterans and how they can get involved with helping out with this issue. For this project we are currently putting together a Prezi, a Jing video to introduce our technology, and RWLD for this project. These two links will take you to websites that allow you to also create different projects that aid in learning. In the future I plan on using many of the technologies I have been working with this past semester, many of which I am using for this last project alone. That would include the three listed above as well as PicMonkey, Google Docs, Microsoft Word and Blogger. This project is all about keeping the product open ended, allowing students to expand their thoughts while thinking outside the box. I want to be able to keep this idea with me for the future in order to help my students become creative and inventive thinkers. This project, helping homeless veterans is open ended in the sense that we are allowing for brainstorming of idea, then my group with introduce our idea of how to help. Our idea is to create posters (like the one shown in the upper right corner) to allow communities and homeless veterans become aware of the great programs there are out there to help homeless veterans. This idea however will still be open ended, just taken down a notch to be more directed due to time constraints. The creativity of the project will still solely be the responsibility of the student as well as the subtopic area. My group is picking the topic area and explaining the technology the students will be using, this will help get the ball rolling. This is another factor all teachers must take into consideration, time. Yes you want students to have the freedom of the outcomes in their learning, but it also needs to match with the amount of time there will be. With all these aspects of this PBL my groups learning lesson will be open ended as well as help students get going with the s little guidance to head in the right direction. If you want to take a look at this awesome project to get ideas from or actually use for a project click this link!

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