Friday, March 9, 2012

Creating Collaborative Project

Earlier this semester the Middle JAAR and I had worked on a collaborative project. The main goal of this project was not the end product alone, but the way we worked together, collaborating with each other to get our end result. The only difference with this project compared to other ones was the way we were allowed to collaborate with each other. We were not allowed to talk face to face, and communicate only through technology. That's right, we were in the same classroom twice a week together and lived on the same campus, but was only allowed to contact each other through Skype, Facebook, texting, Google Docs, etc. At first it felt it was difficult to do this, trying to find times everyone could meet through our computers and then trying to understand what everyone wanted to do for the project. This was our teacher’s way of simulating what it would be like to collaborate with others overseas and around the world, where you cannot meet face to face and have while working on projects through technologies. Even though the beginning was difficult, as the project progressed we adapted to the circumstances and effectively worked as a team. Once we were on a role it was very easy to get the project done, everyone working on their own time, at their own pace. We all contributed to a Google Doc where we added all our project links. Not that I perfect non-verbal projects, however, this was a learning experience and showed that they are probable. This is something I feel every student should get a chance to experience, whether it’s with a classmate in their class or one from around the world. Everyone can benefit from learning how to collaboratively work together on a project not using verbal communication.

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