Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Global Learning Experience

For a week I did not have my Ed. Tech class due to my teacher being gone in Jordan, participating in global learning. He was able to meet with all kinds of people that are involved in the world of education. My class was able to Skype with him and a couple people he was working with. We heard from them and what they were doing, as well as having some of my classmates share a little about the PBL projects we were working on here at UNI. It was interesting to hear about things they were doing, and to feel a part of what was going on there. My teacher was in the middle of global learning, conferencing with different people, learning and sharing. This to me was very interesting, but what I had not realized until now is that my teacher being in Jordan was not the main person involved in global learning. It was my class and I, coming together and meeting with educators through Skype who were in Jordan, across the globe. Both sides learning from each other, thus we are involved in global learning. Now to some this might not seem right, thinking that global learning needs to be big! I mean it is called global learning, but even the little things are included in this global topic. It is where people from anywhere in the globe can communicate with each other in order to learn something new, whether it be working together on a huge project for months or Skyping for 20 minutes and getting a taste of what the others are doing. These are both types of global learning, it can be as simple or complex as someone wants to make it. My only question now is how much global learning have you been up to and how much more are you going to do now?

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