Thursday, April 7, 2011

Forces of Nature
Many people use online website magazines to get their information. There are also teachers who use web magazines in their classrooms. This is an easy way to have access to tons of information with the click of a button. Natural Geographic is a great web magazine for teachers to use as a recourse for their classrooms. It has great information about world wide information and much more. There is also a section on the environment that teaches about what is going on in the world, why, as well as talks about the environment cycles.  There is a section that teaches about natural forces and hidden within all the links is an interactive natural forces page where you can create your own natural forces. It includes a series of questions on all four natural forces, tornadoes, volcanoes, hurricanes, and tsunamis. The page answers these questions and then follows up with an educational activity on what components are needed for these forces. They must have all the right components or the force will not create. I thought this was a great way to teach about the environment as well as shedding some light on how great web magazines can be to use in a classroom. Check out this interactive Forces of Nature at

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

PhysicsGames.Net Old Shoe Women
I think that students and teachers need to find a middle ground, one where kids can play and also learn at the same time. Well that is just what PhysicsGames.Net is slowly finding, a middle ground. This site is where kids of all ages can play games dealing with physics. It may be leaning a bit towards the play side of things, but I think it’s a start. If everyone looked at play as learning and learning as play, then everything someone did in life could be educational and enjoyable. Computer sites like this one can help students and teachers find that middle ground so that everyone wins. Right now schools allow students to get online and play games on this site as well as other sites that are leaning towards learning within games. Hopefully in the future our entire education system will revolve around play! Check out this site now at PhysicsGames.Net.