Wednesday, March 30, 2011

By: Gustavo Pimenta
Have you ever felt there should be more to learning than just having it benefit a student? In my field experience classroom the students have a choice to during free time to go to an online cite where they can do more than just learn. This cite is a multiple choice based answering system and for every one answer you get correct they donate rice for the hungry! Each answer is worth ten grains of rice which is then donated through the World Food Program to help hunger. There are many different subjects students can choose from, the more answers they get right the harder the questions get.  Once they stumble upon a questions the cite keeps them on that level for a longer period of time, helping them through related questions. This not only helps students learn but can change the way a student looks at learning. When the goal for a student is to get questions right, not to get a good grade, but to help hunger in the world. A more positive outlook is created while the students learn in content areas of art, chemistry, English, geography, language learning and math. To check out this cite for yourself click on this link to Freerice where there is more than just learning taking place.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Check this site out! I was surfing the web and stumbled upon this site and found some really amazing stuff. After clicking around I realized this site is a contest site, where people can enter their own creations. The contests I was interested in the most were the effects contests, where you can digitally alter, change, and design your image. I started to look more into different links on the site and there are so many different contests to enter, mostly it is based off of computer generated images. There are photographs people have taken themselves or just images they have altered. This could be something interesting to get a class of technology students involved in, using computer skills they are learning in their classes in a contest. The contests and images I have seen so far on the site have a wide range of interesting themes, subjects, and/or ideas. check out the site for yourself at Worth1000.